motocode ltd was founded by
Dr. Stefanos Zachariadis
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Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead & Continuous Delivery Specialist

Passionate technologist, excellent full stack developer and hands on architect with over 10 years of experience in rapidly delivering high quality solutions in finance, engineering and other industries. Strong advocate of agile methodologies that automates everything that stands in the way of continuous delivery. Likes to measure his way to performant code and knows where and how to use concurrency. Team leader responsible for building up teams, keeping them happy and managing stakeholders. Quick learner, conference speaker, with strong academic background and someone that just loves coding.

Technical Skills

Selected Professional Experience

LMAX is a leading FX/CFD trading venue and Broker that introduced the disruptor concurrency framework and co-invented continuous delivery. Team lead in team of 20 devs that changes 30,000 lines of code every month with new features delivered to production fortnightly and very few production issues. System can process 50,000 orders a second on a single CPU core with sub 400 microsecond latency, and handles over 2 trillion dollars worth of trading every year. Was been responsible for hands on team leading, performance, stakeholder management, continuous delivery and full stack development.

Wanted an app to cycle safely in London. Designed and built one from scratch, which ended up becoming very popular (hundreds of thousands of users). Now produced by motocode ltd. Handles all development, cloud deployment, testing, automation as well as user feedback, design, marketing (participating in various cycling festivals sponsoring awards, etc).
Technologies: iOS, Windows Phone, Objective-C, Swift, C#, Node, C, Pebble, Apple Watch

Architect and team lead in a project rewriting a tool for designing steam turbines for power plants, for a leading manufacturer of power generation equipment. My team delivered a highly performant tool using Java and Eclipse RCP, that offered visualisation, reporting, validation and other features that were impossible with the existing toolset. It was released to a distributed team of users (4 sites in EMEA and USA) and was the subject of a presentation at the International Conference of Engineering, 2011. My tasks included development, performance optimisation of large datasets, interfacing with engineers, balancing stakeholders, performing user interviews enforcing agile development, demos and presentations.

BA wanted a new SOA based architecture to parameterise its flight searching and selling abilities, as part of a major overhaul of its infrastructure. I designed and led the team that implemented the architecture using Java, Spring, Hibernate and Weblogic, introducing agile processes such as Scrum and Test Driven Development.

Developing programmable satellite networks using embedded Java and the software I developed during my PhD; developed satellite media transcoding and intelligent packet dropping.

Selected Education